The farm was started in 1985. After raising tobacco for a number of years, we thought to diversify our knowledge of growing plants to start a u-Pick blackberry and red raspberry operation.


All of our plants are organically grown. We hand weed, prune and use little or no insecticides. This is a time consuming and hard process but we feel organic is a better product for the people.

Presently we have Latham Red Raspberries, which are an upright type of plant. It has a sweet flavor, is firm and processes perfectly for jams and jellies. They start to ripen in June and for about 4 to 5 weeks we get to pick these delectable jewels.

Shortly after the summer red raspberries wind down the Triple-Crown THORN-LESS trailing summer blackberries starts to ripen for 4 to 5 weeks of picking.  It is a large berry that is sweet, firm and processes well for jams, jellies or just eating fresh.

In supporting our customers with fresh eating and canning we have added 2 more varieties of fall bearing berries. Prime-Arc Freedom blackberry and BP-1 red raspberry. 

Both berries are ever-bearing, but we prune them to make them strictly a fall bearing berry. The fall bearing berries start to ripen in September and continue until frost. These planting and pruning practices allow us to extend the picking and canning season for our customers.


We provide picking containers for all of our berry pickers! We have lined buckets for blackberries and clam shells for red raspberries.  These are delicate fruits that you wouldn't want to squash by picking in just any old container. However, we do recommend that you bring a chilled container to transport your fruit  home. 


Our other featured items offered for sale will be homemade organic jams, jellies and syrups made in small batches. Some crafts, cut and potted flowers.


Monday through Saturday 8AM. - 6PM
SUNDAY Noon to 5 pm
Make sure you call ahead for picking conditions, availability and price